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Science Kinetics is committed to the design and construction of quality educational exhibits that appeal to a diverse range of visitors in science centers, children's museums and other public spaces. We meet the needs of our clients by viewing each project as unique and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of its intended application.

Van de Graaff Generator

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The products in our catalog are the result of years of innovative exhibit design.  Our goal is to provide cost effective, museum quality exhibits that are engaging, educational, and easy to maintain for years of enjoyment.
All of our catalog exhibits can be customized to fit your needs.

Van de Graaff Generator

Science Kinetics Van de Graaff Generator 1.jpg
Science Kinetics Van de Graaff Generator 3.jpg
Science Kinetics Van de Graaff Generator 1.jpg
Science Kinetics Van de Graaff Generator 3.jpg

Van de Graaff Generator


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300,000 Volts

Science Kinetics is excited to offer an extremely high quality version of this amazing museum classic! Based on a proven design which has been used in one of the nation's top science centers for over thirty years, we believe our Electrostatic Generator is one of the very best available. The nature of atoms and charges defines the world we live in and yet it remains totally invisible to us. This amazing demonstration of electrostatics brings these ideas to life and reveals the hidden electrical potential in all of us.
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  • CNC machined parts
  • Custom designed steel pulleys supported by industrial bearings
  • 18-inch diameter spun aluminum dome
  • Careful attention to grounding elements
  • Adjustable current
  • Remote foot-switch
  • Approximate Dimensions: 80" x 28" x 28"

As with all of our exhibits, safety and reliability are prime factors integrated into the generator's design. It even includes features to ensure consistent performance in varying humidity conditions.  In addition to a full warranty, we can use our experience as museum educators to assist with you training materials or developing a dynamic, "hair-raising" show for your facility.

Are you looking for a completely custom designed exhibit?

Science Kinetics is capable of designing, engineering, and fabricating virtually any kind of interactive exhibit or display.  We encourage you to  contact us to discuss your design, thoughts, and ideas.  We thrive on turning ideas into reality!