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Science Kinetics is committed to the design and construction of quality educational exhibits that appeal to a diverse range of visitors in science centers, children's museums and other public spaces. We meet the needs of our clients by viewing each project as unique and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of its intended application.



From the initial planning stages to exhibit installation and beyond we have you covered!  Please feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about how we can help make your project exceed expectations.


The process of acquiring new interactive exhibits for your facility can sometimes be an overwhelming endeavor.  We can help at every stage along the way simplifying the process and saving you valuable time and resources.  Consult with us as we have the answers and experience.

Project Planning & Concept Development

Have an idea but not sure how to proceed?  Contact us and we can guide you along the most streamlined path to turn your concept into a reality!

Exhibit Design & Engineering

Do you have a developed concept for your project?  Let us take it and turn it into something physical.  Museum grade interactive exhibits take a special type of engineering and design to make something that is fun, durable and easy to maintain.  We have the experience to create exhibits that will exceed your expectations.


There is a first time for everything.  Let us prove that your design will work as you intend.  If it doesn't, we can identify the challenges and develop the most cost-effective solutions.

Electronics & Programming

New exhibit technologies can be complicated and require special skills.  We stay ahead of the game often taking full advantage of the new family of modern micro-controllers such as Arduino.  Additionally, we design and build custom circuit boards if a commercially available alternative is not an option.

Media Design & Content Creation

No exhibit is complete without descriptive graphics and text.  Our experience in both graphic design and education enables us to create appealing signage to further enhance your new exhibit.  We work with you to ensure any pre-existing themes of your space are integrated into your new content. 

Custom Fabrication

If you can think it, our talented and experienced fabrication team can build it.  Beyond this, if your concept requires an even more specialized fabrication process than we feel comfortable taking on, we know the people who can make it happen.  We are connected with many fabricators, spanning all mediums.

Installation & Training

From the initial design phase, we maintain a focus on engineering a straightforward exhibit installation process to follow once it arrives at your facility.  Much of our work can be shipped to our clients along with a clear and concise illustrated installation guide eliminating the need and expensive of our personal installation service.  However, we are always more than happy to take on the process for you.  Not only does this allow us to ensure proper exhibit installation, but also permits the opportunity for in-person training on both operation and how to maximize the exhibit’s educational value with your guests.