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Science Kinetics is committed to the design and construction of quality educational exhibits that appeal to a diverse range of visitors in science centers, children's museums and other public spaces. We meet the needs of our clients by viewing each project as unique and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of its intended application.



Science Kinetics values its clients and their needs.  See who we have worked with in the past and read some of the wonderful things they have said about us.

Client Testimonials

We have purchased several exhibits from Science Kinetics and are extremely satisfied with their quality and performance. With the continuous use they get every day, these exhibits have proven to be extraordinarily durable. The products we have purchased from Science Kinetics have been a great asset to COSI and to our guests.
— Bruce Kyle
Center of Science and Industry (COSI)
Ripley Entertainment has used Science Kinetics exhibits in many of our locations over the past several years. We cannot be more satisfied with their quality and value as well as the ease of working with the Science Kinetics team. The true measure of quality when it comes to interactive exhibits is in their ability to continue to operate as intended and look great over time. The exhibits we’ve purchased from Science Kinetics represent this quality standard every time!
— David Hill
Ripleys Believe it or Not!
The Sandbox Children’s Museum is thrilled both with our working relationship with Science Kinetics and the high quality of exhibits they have built for us. They bring a level of creativity to exhibit development that delights our young visitors and quality construction that will last for years.
— Jim Gant
The Sandbox Children's Museum
Science Kinetics helped me make my two science based preschools a fun and exciting place for students and parents alike. Their hands on exhibits help to foster a life long love of science.
— Carmelo Piazza
Brooklyn Preschool of Science
Our laser harp is of our most popular and well-loved exhibits. When we needed some help, a quick email was all that was needed. The Science Kinetics Team made sure we were back up and running in no time. Being able to rely on this level of service makes Science Kinetics a great partner beyond the original purchase!
— Ben Wagner
Kidscommons Children's Museum
This thing is terrific! The Ring Launcher has been going non-stop and has not missed a beat. It is the most reliable exhibit on the floor. One of the aspects that I like most about this exhibit is its height. Most ring launchers are not very tall. Standing at 12 feet makes this an impressive piece in our high ceiling space. The workmanship is excellent, the price point outstanding, and we are pleased with our results. I would recommend Science Kinetics to all of my colleagues.
— Karl McKinnon
The Imagination Station Science Center
As the first science museum for children in Egypt, we asked Science Kinetics to build some of our exhibits. We wanted some customization to meet our specific requirements, we had a tight budget, and a scary deadline. Science Kinetics shipped our four exhibits across the Atlantic which became at once the most appreciated pieces in the museum. If you visit the Great Pyramids in Giza which are just 20 minutes away, please come and visit us and see for yourself.

The Induction Ring Launcher is the greatest hit on our floor. It is everybody’s favorite. We have it right in the middle of the entrance. The ring never misses the 8 meter high ceiling on each launch. The Virtual Strings exhibit is almost as popular. The tremendous popularity of both the Wave Tube and the Stroboscopic Effect Display is remarkable as well.

These four highly interactive exhibits are so well-designed and are very rugged. They are easily serviced, with excellent craftsmanship and careful attention to details.

The Science Kinetics exhibits bring joy each and every day to so many children in our part of the world. They also empower our kids with knowledge. Thank you Science Kinetics for the wonderful work! It was such a pleasure to work with you! We can never express our gratitude to you enough!
— Professor Abdalla Saleh Alqanater
Children's Museum Egypt
The interactive Gears exhibit is a wonderful invention as it gives children the opportunity not only to be creative, but also to help develop projection and analysis skills as to what will happen when the gears are placed on the wall.
— Adam Woodworth
The Children's Museum in Oak Lawn
I have nothing but praise for Science Kinetics! They customized their Magnetic Cloud exhibit to my exact specifications even though it required a significant amount of new design and testing. They communicated with us throughout the entire processes. When the exhibit arrived, they provided excellent support during installation and have shown genuine interest in making sure that the exhibit meets my expectations. Finally, I feel like I paid a fair and reasonable price for the exhibit.
— James LaFollette
Emerald Coast Science Center
Our Ball Wall gets the most use in our facility. EVERYONE loves it!
— Ashlee Lambeth, Lil Bambinos Playtorium
The Sciencenter recently purchased a Pixel Pegs exhibit for our early childhood space. It’s fantastic! We were very pleased with the quality of the product and the interactivity. Hands down, it’s one of the most popular exhibits in the space, with kids flocking to it as soon as they enter the room.
— Monika Collins, Sciencenter

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