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Science Kinetics is committed to the design and construction of quality educational exhibits that appeal to a diverse range of visitors in science centers, children's museums and other public spaces. We meet the needs of our clients by viewing each project as unique and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of its intended application.



Key players from the talented Science Kinetics team.

Jeff Shapiro


Jeff Shapiro Portrait 2013.jpg

Jeff initially became fascinated with educational museum exhibits while working as a demonstrator at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in 1994. While observing guests enthusiastically interact with the museum’s exhibits, Jeff realized the immense value intrinsic in this type of unique learning experience. As someone interested in engineering and how things work ever since childhood, Jeff was also captivated by how these interactive exhibits were designed and built.
After earning a Master’s degree in education from the Ohio State University, Jeff taught sixth-grade science for a number of years. Building on his museum educator background, Jeff’s classroom quickly began to resemble a small hands-on science center. Although his hands-on approach to teaching and learning resulted in high standardized testing scores for his students, inevitable concerns eventually arose as district administrators became aware of a classroom with a 300,000 volt electrostatic generator replacing the overhead projector and students suspended from compound pulley systems attached to the building’s roof trusses. 
Driven by his growing obsession with interactive learning exhibits and his commitment to science education, Jeff started Science Kinetics in 2005. Since then, Science Kinetics has provided interactive exhibits to science centers and children’s museum across the US and throughout the world. According to Jeff, “It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re doing work that not only integrates all of your passions, but also makes a positive impact on thousands of people every single day.”