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3051 Delta Marine Drive
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Science Kinetics is committed to the design and construction of quality educational exhibits that appeal to a diverse range of visitors in science centers, children's museums and other public spaces. We meet the needs of our clients by viewing each project as unique and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of its intended application.

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Science Kinetics is Moving!

Dr. Kinetics

Like a gas released from pressure, we are rapidly expanding to fill our available space and that means the time has come for a new location! Our new workshop is much bigger and already inspiring us to get out there and start making awesome stuff for your museum. Since our brains are exploding with ideas, we’ve decided to start this blog to keep everybody up to date on what we’re working on. Check back here for regular updates about expansions for our classic exhibits, new designs and prototypes and anything else we think is cool. And if you live in central Ohio, you should come visit. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’d be glad to show you around our awesome workshop.